Heath and Safety


After taking into consideration the government advice and listening to the guidance given by both the AOP and APA, we are delighted to announce that we will remain open throughout the national lockdown period.
After carrying out a full risk assessment and taking into account the aforementioned advice, we have outlined the following procedures; a full comprehensive guideline can be sent on request.


1. A non-contact thermometer is provided to test all crew attendees on arrival to Brick Studios. Anyone with a temperature will be sent home and will not be permitted to enter the building.

2. Key signage as well as floor markers are visible throughout the studio. They highlight social distancing rules, good hygiene practices and advice for those feeling ill. 

3. Floor Zones have been laid out to suggest designated areas for crew members and to encourage crew to maintain the two meter distancing guideline. (Please see diagram below).

4. On-wall hand sanitising stations have been positioned around the studio and all staff have been provided with personal bottles as well as Tier 1 PPE. Additional anti-bac soaps are provided in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

5. We strongly advise clients to use their own PPE however, if there are occasions where clients are without, we can provide tier 1 PPE on request.

6. Paper towels now replace normal hand towels.

7. All mugs have been replaced with compostable cups and attendees are told to bring their own water bottles. 

8. A perspex screen is provided on request for shoots that require closer contact on-set i.e. between photographer/camera and hand model.

9. We provide deep cleaning pre and post hires and will be responsible for the regular cleaning of communal touch points.


1. We ask that only key members of the crew attend the shoot at Brick Studios and where possible, video-conferencing will replace non-essential attendance. 

2. A call sheet with emergency contact will be shared with our team containing the names and contact numbers of all crew in attendance. 

3. You will inform us of any crew members who display illness or temperature.

4. All shoot attendees will bring their own water bottles for individual use.

5. You will practise good hygiene and thoroughly wash/sanitise your hands in regular intervals throughout the day.

6. Whilst at the studio for more than a day you will be responsible for looking after your own space over that time period.

7. You will empty your own refuse and recycling bins throughout and at the end of each day.

8. All personnel on-set and throughout the studio must respect the social distancing guidelines and maintain a 2-metre distance from one another wherever possible.

9. We ask that you maintain cleanliness in shared areas and are responsible for your own zones throughout the day.


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